Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Alice in Spamland

Whilst browsing through one of my favorite time-killing websites, The Book of Ratings, I stumbled upon an old article which weighs and measures the merits of various characters from Alice in Wonderland. It's worth a look-see, simply for this quote:

I have to say I find Alice inexplicably charming, but she's still kind of a pushover. She finds something labeled "Eat Me," and down it goes. Someone hands her a flamingo and tells her to start whacking hedgehogs, and she's all over that surrealistic Victorian action. It's a good thing she doesn't get e-mail: "Alice saw that the reports she was to sell were themselves on the subject of selling reports. It made no sense to Alice, but she put her name at the bottom of the list and mailed it to ten thousand people anyway. 'After all,' she thought, 'If someone takes the time to put "MAKE MONEY FAST" in the subject of a letter, there must be money to be made.'"
Check it out here.

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eisha said...

Aw, come on, she was, like, EIGHT YEARS OLD! And she'd already fallen down a rabbit hole into a world where the usual laws of the universe don't apply. How skeptical was she supposed to be?