Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hep Cat Alphabet

This morning on the child_lit listserv, a posting was made about "modern design" alphabet flashcards -- a series of tiny cocoa-colored cards with groovy terms like "B for Bauhaus" and "W for Wunderkabinett." I immediately toggled over to my blog to share this odd finding with you all, only to discover -- rats! -- fellow blogger fuse#8 had beat me to the punch. She dislikes the cards:

But where do you draw the line? Today I'm drawing it in front of these here flashcards. Pull the other one, design lovers! I'm not buying it anymore!
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I actually have to say that I kinda like the flashcards -- anything that can find something for the letter X besides "xylophone" or "X-ray" is just fine with me. (The modern deck uses "xeroxography.") At least these cards are functional, which is more than I can say for a lot of "modern design" stuff for kids.

Like, for instance, this book. It's designed to be undreadable. It's called "a pocket-sized paper scuplture." Oh, ho, ho, the cleverness of it all. Ugh.


Fuse #8 said...

True dat. So we'll put my drawn line in front of the flashcards and yours in front of the useless l'il book.

Would you really buy the flashcards for kids, though? Really really? Even if you knew they'd never pick them up on their own? I mean the colors are so "tasteful". And what self-respecting child enjoys taupe?

Just me thoughts. Ignore at will.

crissachappell said...

I dig the flashcards!