Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Makes You Appreciate StoveTop So Much More

Take a gander at this lil' lovely I dug up a few days ago. It's an animated version of Edward Lear's poem "Two Old Bachelors." Apparently, this was done as a graduation project by an animation student named Doug Wilson. I don't know the man, but you must give Mad Props to his sense of taste. (Take note of the mugging-via-baguette segment in this flick.) Mr. Wilson, I tip my hat to you.


Elzey said...

That so totally rocked! I grew up with the 12 album (vinyl) recording of Cyril Ritchard reading Alice in Wonderland and that just brought it all flooding back into my head.

Now I'm gonna spend half the night trolling YouTube for some more Edward Lear. How'd you find it?

Brooke said...

Eh, I was doing a search for "lear poetry," just out of curiosity for what might show up.

Glad to hear that this brought back some good memories for you. Isn't Ritchard's voice a dark delight?

Anonymous said...

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